a private or business account?

. . .the same price, the difference is how they can be used

a private mailbox

A Private account is ideal for individuals or families wanting a virtual address for their personal post,  with each account being able to receive letters and parcels for up to five named Users,  including the Account Holder.

a business mailbox

A Business mailbox can also receive personal mail,  but you may now include Commercial names amongst your Users.  Plus,  a 12 month account can be used as a Company registered office address,  at no extra charge.

important. . .  about the account holder

In order to simplify the required identity verification process,  every account,  whether private or business,  must be registered with a named individual as the Account Holder.   On agreeing to be bound by our Terms and Conditions,  the Account Holder is responsible for the legal,  moral and ethical use of the mailbox and compliance with current legislation.